Latina Women


An ongoing series shining a light on meaningful, yet often underreported stories by photographing the work environments of successful Latina women around the United States. Current narratives in the media and in Hollywood often portray Latina women off of stereotypes. A maid, a gardener, a fiery housewife, etc. In real life many Latinas practice in medicine, law, politics and more. Images contribute greatly to perception— with these images I hope to show these amazing women with successful careers as a source of inspiration for other Latinas( or any other minority really). My goal is that women will look at this series and be inspired/empowered. To have someone to look up to rather than see these stereotypes in tv and film.


This is Angie Felix who was born in the Dominican Republic. She is a mother, a dentist, and so much more. Angie emigrated to the United States to raise her family and receive multiple degrees for Dentistry at the University of Boston. Here she is in her new office location where she acts as the head of the business. She recently bought this office space with her own money to continue her career.


What amazed me about Angie is how kind and personal she is with each patient. Everyone seemed to know her as if they had always knew each other.


A note in Angie’s office congratulating her on her new location while photos of her family are hung in the background. Showcasing some of the things that matter most to her.


I want to thank Angie for allowing me to come into her work space and photograph her and her patients. Although this does measure her success I wanted to mention the generosity and compassion she has for others. Every year Angie gathers students, practicing dentists , and her dentistry equipment to Guatemala every summer to offer her services for free. Every year the mission trips rapidly grow as more people join and she is able to expand where she offers her services.

As of now I am planning on continuing this series throughout the years as I find other successful Latinas to photograph in their work environment.

Melody Ball